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Biodiversity at Begude


Working with Nature is very important to us at Begude and to this end we have been part of a Europe-wide study since early 2011.

3 wine making regions- St Emilion, Costieres de Nimes & Limoux- have been chosen in France together with another 3 in the Iberian Peninsular. Data is being gathered of what animals, birds & insects live on the various vineyards and how we can best protect these co-inhabitants and work together with them in harmony.

The study is being conducted by La Chambre d'Agriculture and more information is available at: 


Birdlife at Begude


In 2 x 10 minute observation sessions in the middle of our vineyard 18 species of birdlife were seen/heard; we have a Falcon (Faucon Crecerelle) nesting in our tractor garage who was not seen, so we know that there are many more that have not been identified in this short observation period.

64 different species of bird including Vultures & Eagles are known to live in the Limoux region. This compares well with 52 in St Emilion & 53 in Costieres de Nimes.

Please contact me for the full list but below are 3 photos of 3 birds that are often seen at Begude:


Chardonneret Elegant (Goldfinch) Serin Cini (Wild Canary) Linotte Melodieuse (Linnet)
ChardonneretElegant PRM 864445Serin cini La linotte mélodieuse


Insects at Begude


Pesticides & insecticides are designed to keep out unwanted guests. We rather work with them and use none of these harmful chemicals. In order to keep the "Ver de la Grappe" or vine moths away from our vines we use a process called "Sexual confusion" which effectively confuses these bad guys with pheremones and sends them elsewhere.

We monitor all the insect life here and can willingly supply you with all the known species of insect upon request.


Wild Boar, Deer & Hare- Night videos


We often see evidence of wild boar or deer in the vineyard- either with them eating grapes just before harvest time or just with tracks after it has rained. 

Below is a selection of videos taken over 2 nights in January 2013- Wild Boar, Fox & Hare at the bottom of the beautiful "Cerisier" vineyard, which is home to the Etoile Chardonnay.